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The name.  It all started July 2008.  We were at my 22 week ultrasound appointment, eagerly awaiting to find out if we were having a baby boy or girl.  Of course, we weren't able to officially find out the results until the end of the session because they had to do all the official measurements and fun stuff first.  We had a very talkative ultrasound tech that loved to describe every movement and part of the baby.  From the very beginning, she always referred to the baby as "Baby Cakes." Instead of saying he or she, the tech constantly gave us updates on the status of "Baby Cakes."  Even during future appointments, when she described Ana's movements, she still referred to Ana as "Baby Cakes."


The size.  Have you ever been to a party where the cake is hardly touched? It might be because no one wants to have to actually cut into the cake or because it would be messy to serve.  There are always those people that just want 1 bite, but don't want an entire slice.  At some parties, you might see plates full of slices of cake with just a couple bites missing.  People normally feel obligated to have cake at parties, even though it might not actually be consumed by their guests.  Miniature cupcakes, aka Baby Cakes, are just the perfect size.  It is just enough for people that want a bite but not a whole slice of cake, or if someone desires, they can have multiple Baby Cakes until they have satisfied their sweet tooth.  They are perfectly portioned for those trying to watch their figure to those that just love cupcakes. 


The topping.  All Baby Cakes are topped with a creamy version of Ana's Edibles' homemade cream cheese icing.  The cream cheese icing is one consistent flavor across the cupcake family of flavors.  They can be topped with a little more or a little less icing. Everyone has their own preferences to the level of additional flavor they like their cupcakes to have. You can place your special topping request today.  Buttercream icing is also available upon request.


The future.  You will probably start to notice Baby Cakes more and more.  Whether it's because you've been lucky enough to experience one and know to be on the lookout for them, or you may notice them at parties and gatherings and just happen to run across a few. These are the newest bite sized trend that can please a single person or a party of 100!  They are easy to store and convenient to transport.  They make wonderful gifts for that special someone.  Baby Cakes are currently shipped "naked," but we are diligently working on perfecting a shipping method where they can be shipped beautifully iced.

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